The Woodlands Vending Machine

Healthy Chip Options

The Woodlands Vending Machine

So check out this snack mix!

What do you think?

This is one example of how we mix both healthy and traditional snacks you love in one Vending Machine fill. We have figured out after our experience that although there are those that love healthy items or healthier options in their snacks and drinks, people still love the chance to splurge and indulge in some of the more traditional items like M&Ms or Snickers bars.

Though we would recommend people try the Caveman Bar. This bar tastes awesome! Paelo friendly and still has enough chocolate inside where you feel like it’s a treat. Also, it’s dark chocolate where there are studies that show dark chocolate has healthy benefits.

We are located here in The Woodlands, so please give us a call.

We at Active Life Vending would love to provide you with excellent service, a beautiful and brand new machine that does not detract from your office vibe, tasty snacks, refreshing drinks and an experience you will be happy with.

Search for us The Woodlands Vending Machine, or maybe you might search Vending Machine The Woodlands.

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