What are some of the features of our Vending Machine?

  • Brand New! Local to The Woodlands
  • Touch Credit/debit card reader in addition to taking cash and coins (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay
  • Daily remote monitoring so we know if a product selection is running low
  • Energy-saving mode can be used so no power is wasted keeping drinks cold overnight if no employees are working
  • Ability to program machine to provide employee discounts (e.g. to reward employees working on weekends)
  • SmartCard technology – we can upload/change machine settings quickly
  • Capability to add Entrée/Side Dish Vendor to machine for healthy meal options
  • Machines are compliant with the 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines
  • Machines are proudly made in the USA

Does our company have to pay for the vending machine?

Not a dime.  Machines are provided at absolutely NO cost to your business. In fact, not only do we provide the machine, we service and stock it on a regular basis.


Can we request certain types of drinks or snacks?

Absolutely! We love your feedback and strive to deliver the best service in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Montgomery, Magnolia and Tomball. In some rare cases if the item is difficult for us to source in usual channels, we’ll do our best to find something close.

Usually on the first placement our clients take our recommend fill with a few minor tweaks, then we revisit in a few months to take feedback from machine users and then can make adjustments.

Since we have placed so many machines we tend to notice a trend of what people like. We typically, see that locations like a mix of both healthy and traditional items like chips, candy bars, sodas…etc.


Where is Active Life Vending Located?

We are located here in The Woodlands! We care about this community, we care about making sure our local businesses get the best service they deserve. Because we are so close we are very attentive to customer needs. We service our machines at least once a week, and pay attention!

With us you’ll get the BEST!!

  • No more expired products where the machine rarely gets serviced
  • No more continuous stuck products or machine ate my money
  • No more dingy and old looking machines that are eye sores
  • No more old tech where you only have a cash and change.

I’m Interested in Starting a Vending Machine Business

Check out the below website


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