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Office Coffee Service The Woodlands

Our Office Coffee Service – What do we do?

  • We bring a coffee machine to your office free of charge.

  • Select from our coffee choices. We are flexible and can source standard to gourmet coffee. We bring you fresh grounded coffee every week.

  • We bring the cups, lids, cup holders, stir straws, various creamers, sugar, napkins, tea packets, apple cider packets, hot cocoa packets.

  • Ask us about machine options. We are flexible here to depending on your office needs and expectations. There are just so many options. 

  • We will provide a quote depending on what items you need and the quantity.

We Already have a Keurig.
Sure, a Keurig is nice, but if you and employees appreciate a fresh gourmet cup of coffee this doesn’t do the trick. We bring fresh coffee every week. Coffee doesn’t last long, and when you have an employee do it they just buy 1 month or more worth of coffee and it gets stale towards the end of the month.

We can also just bring you the K-cups, and you can consider it a convenience fee.

In summary, someone needs to maintain the office coffee stations, so we propose we do that for you. It may not save you a lot of money, but it keeps employees happy with a well run station and frees up whoever was managing it before. Usually, when you are the employee stuck with managing this station you don’t go above and beyond keeping it running. Since this is our service we will exceed your expectations!

Why Active Life Vending when it comes to office coffee service?

We are already coming to your location for your vending needs, let us also see how else we may serve you?


  • We are located in the Woodlands, so we will be very attentive to your needs.
  • Do you have a party or event coming up in your office, we can provide products quickly!
  • We come weekly!
  • We are flexible! We Listen! We are ready to Serve!
  • We provide fresh coffee! Don’t just buy a huge box at Costco then let it sit around and get stale. We bring you fresh coffee regularly.

Read more below:

So, what is office coffee service (OCS). Well, that is a good question. 

Your office and company is obviously not the same as operating your home where you just throw in a pound of coffee in your shopping cart when you go grocery shopping. Employees love drinking coffee and who does it fall under to go buy the coffee supplies and set it up in your company breakroom. Depending on your office or company size, that’s a lot of coffee. That’s where we come in at Active Life Vending. We make your life easier by taking care of providing you this service. 

We at Active Life Vending strive to provide maximum service to each of our locations. We want to be your one stop vendor to take care of your office needs on snacks, drinks and most important coffee! We all love our coffee. I mean I don’t function in the morning without my coffee.

One perk for your employees you should not skimp on or forgo is providing great coffee! It says a lot too when you have visitors or customers coming to your office. You want to walk them over to the coffee area, offer them a cup of coffee and have a regular and normal conversation and build that rapport over a nice cup of joe!

So, I have to ask? Are you looking for an office coffee service in The Woodlands? Are you searching The Woodlands office coffee service? Are you looking for Office Coffee Services in The Woodlands? Well look no further because we can be that provider!

We Understand

We are coffee lovers ourselves, so we know quality when we smell it, taste it and see it. We are committed to providing you with top notch coffee. 

We understand how serious people get about their coffee, and everyone has their own preference. We at Active Life will provide you the best office coffee service in The Woodlands.

Impress your visitors and customers that visit your company. Show them that you appreciate the finer things in life, show them that you aren’t afraid to provide a few perks to your employees for being at the office ALL day.

Coffee The Woodlands TX

We understand the importance of coffee in your life! If you are a company located in the Woodlands and you are just looking for coffee. Contact us and see what we can do for you. If you just typed into your favorite search engine the words “coffee the woodlands tx” let us know what you meant behind this search or keyword entry. With our connections and amount of coffee we buy we can definitely do something to help you.
Or when you type that, are you just looking for a local coffee shop? coffee to buy that is specialty that you can brew at home? What is it exactly you are looking for. We can help!
Call us today for a quote! Get custom solution for office coffee service The Woodlands!
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