First Fill for Healthy Vending Machine

Take a look at the photos below that shows a couple example fills. We are flexible to your needs. Here are a few ways to do it.

1. We would just recommend a typical fill and put a mix of healthy and traditional products. We can see how this goes in a month or two, then review with you what you’d like changed. 

You can use the below feedback form on our website where people can send us requests.

2. You can also choose from a list of typical products we stock that we will email you. Just fill out this list and return it to us.

More photos! of our Vending Machines in The Woodlands, Spring, Montgomery, Conroe, Magnolia and Tomball and other North Houston areas.

It’s January 2023! Happy 2023

We placed a new machine in The Woodlands.

It’s in an office building that also includes a medical center.

So far so good, and judging that people are buying from it, we guess that everyone is enjoying it.

Healthy Vending in The Woodlands!

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