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Drinks Not Full of Sugar

Active Life Vending – Providing Drinks with less Sugar in their Woodlands Vending Machines

We all know that Sodas are usually full of sugar, and not just any sugar. Soda is filled with high-fructose corn syrup. This will give you a good feeling or even a nice rush for a short while, but later you might feel very tired with a sugar low. You might even feel empty.

There are now options that taste great still but with less sugar.

We’re not saying deprive yourself of anything sweet, just temper the amount of sugar you put in your body on a daily basis. Don’t go on a diet, but alter your lifestyle and habits to enjoy food and drinks that don’t have to be super sweet. You’d be surprised how your body will respond positively.

Here is an analogy that might work or help you understand how our bodies adjust to new inputs and environments. When we moved to the Houston area, or in other words The Woodlands we were so afraid of the humidity and heat. But, interestingly enough our bodies have adjusted to this new temperature to where when we go other places our tolerance for the cold is not as high as it used to be. We also can tolerate the humidity and heat a bit better than when we first arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I still sweat when I walk outside in the middle of a Houston summer, I still feel suffocated or like I’m in a sauna, BUT, I do feel like my body has adjusted to help me live in this new environment.

I guess my point is if you train your body to eat or drink food that has a lot of sugar or taste super extreme with BAM flavors your body will continue to want more or increased BAM flavor each time, thus escalating your desires.

Well, try this out and see how it works. Start by de-escalating what you put in your body, eat less sugar, not cut it out totally. Put less salt in your food, not more. Try to enjoy the subtle taste of food in it’s natural state. You’ll realize that your body craves natural foods and those will start to satisfy your needs.

Don’t associate food with enjoyment for everything. So that if you eat healthy food you feel like you are punishing yourself. This creates a bad or even unhealthy relationship with food. No pun intended.

This post is just intended to encourage each other to try. I realize it’s not easy, because I have a serious sweet tooth. I love donuts, I love cookies and I love ice cream. So, I write all of this also as a way to help myself and remind myself to make more balanced decisions on a regular daily basis of what I eat.

Well, in conclusion, are you looking for a healthy vending machine in The Woodlands? Are you looking for both a snack and drink vending machine in the North Houston area? Well look no further, we at Active Life Vending will provide you with a beautiful and brank new snack machine that is actually a combo drink and snack machine in one so that it saves space.

The best part is that they are FREE to place in your company. There is no risk to you to try out one of our Vending Machines in The Woodlands. If you aren’t located in The Woodlands, that is okay too. We service other areas in The North Houston area: Conroe, Spring, Montgomery, Magnolia and Tomball.

Please check us out, we at Active Life Vending offer our customers Vending Machines in The Woodlands, or The Woodlands Vending Machines. Look for us on Google, and give us a try because you will not be disappointed in our excellent service!

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