Thanks for stopping by my blog post for the week! We also want to thank everyone that uses our machines and makes it part of their daily routine. There are several companies to look at when you are looking for a vending service. If you are thinking of adding a vending machine at your office, read through our site so you can process what it might be like or what questions you might ask yourself.

Our world will continue to move into automation where we can leverage technology to bring services to other businesses and even to the regular consumer. What’s great about vending is that it is a huge market where new types of vending machines are on the market constantly. Like cup cakes, headphones, over the counter medicine..etc.

You can basically vend anything!

The great thing about vending is it is an unattended shop! You don’t need a person to stand there constantly to check the customer out like at a convenience store.

Benefits for the Work Location

1. People LOVE snacks! I mean who doesn’t like to indulge in a yummy snack or a refreshing drink. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It is such a treat to offer to employees a place where they can purchase snacks and drinks.
2. Drinks and Snacks are re-fueling for more productivity!
3. Drinks and Snacks are great for morale!
4. Putting in a vending machine shows that you care! Why not even sponsor some snacks and drinks for your employees as a reward, treat or team building exercise.


In summary, don’t overlook vending! Give it a chance. It’s simple, low risk and doesn’t even cost you a penny!

If you need advice on vending or any other vending solution, give us a call and we’d love to help you out!


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