Vending Machine

Vending Machine

About our Vending Machine!

This article will tell you all about our vending machine in The Woodlands! We are a service provider of health vending machines in The Woodlands and other surrounding North Houston areas. Read more below about our machines, but also contact us to get your own FREE placement. That’s right! There’s NO cost to your company or school to place one of our vending machines.

Combo Vending Machine

Our vending machine is technically considered a combo vending machine, because it holds both snacks and drinks in one machine. 

  • 9 Different Drink Selections with a display window showing the types of drinks we offer.
  • 21 Different Snack Selections
  • The snacks section is divided into 3 rows (Top Chip Row larger items, Middle Cookie or medium size snack, and bottom is for bars.

People probably don’t realize this but ours is the only vending machine where the snacks are truly separate from the drinks, but still all in one vending machine. It means that the internal refrigerator that keeps our drinks cold is in a totally separate compartment. That is why when you look at the photo you will see that the drinks come from the bottom of the vending machine, and the snacks come out of the top of the vending machine. You might be saying WHO CARES! Well, it’s important because other combo vending machines actually combine both drinks and snacks in one glass front vending machine so that the chips, cookies and candy bars get just as cold as the drinks. YIKES! I mean I sometimes like my thin mint girl scout cookies cold, but not my popcorn, not my chips and definitely not my Skittles or Gum! So, when you look at our vending machine feel at ease that when you vend a snack it will be the right temperature! Also, our vending machine will take less electricity because we are not wasting cold through a glass front like these other combo machines! And we save on space too because you don’t need a separate drink vending machine and a separate snack vending machine.

Vending Machine Credit Card Reader

Our credit card reader takes all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, even Discover Card! You can swipe your credit card, or there is a touchless area you can tap your credit card on if you have touchless. We even accept apple pay or google pay. This makes it very convenient for you to pay, I mean who carries cash around these days anyway.

Vending Machine LED Display

The display allows us to see the selection you have entered in using the keypad. It also displays any messages that the user should know when interacting with the machine. The display also shows the price of the item when you enter it in the keypad.


The keypad is how you select your snack choice. Every snack is identified with a number. So enter the 3 digit number using the keypad to dispense your snack or drink.

Coin Acceptor

The coin acceptor takes coins like Quarters, Nickels, dimes and even 1 dollar coins. 

Viewing Window

The viewing window is nice and clear so you can easily and clearly see the snacks. There is also a display of the drinks that are in the drink locker.

Drink Dispenser

The drink dispenser holds 9 different drinks and depending on the size of the drink we can load a different number per drink type. For example, we typically load 15 soda cans.

Snack Dispenser

The snack dispenser is driven by a coil system. So, when you enter your selection a motor turns the coil where snacks are between each coil, and then it releases a snack! There are 3 rows. The top row is composed of the larger items like chips, the middle row would be more like medium sized products like cookies or beef jerky. The bottom row is our bar row. This has various energy bars, nut mixes and candy bars.
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